Friday, August 22, 2014
Sony Gives More PS4 PS Plus Details

Sony Gives More PS4 PS Plus Details

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shudei Yoshida revealed some news details behind Sony’s new PS Plus strategy, including why they’re now charging for online multiplayer.

Speaking Japanese site GameWatch in a big interview, Yoshida outlined the reasons for the new PS Plus firewall, making known that a fee was necessary because of the many features being added to the service.

We’re focusing on new services and online, like the “Share” button I previously mentioned and the ability to play using mobile devices with the cloud feature. Our plan is to continue to invest in the future, but investing like this is not compatible with our previous policy that  involved reducing costs by every mean to keep the service free.

I apologize for the financial burden on our users, but on PS4 it’ll also provide early access to beta versions, free games and discounts like on PS3 and PS Vita. In addition to that PS Plus members will receive for free a special edition with slightly reduced functions of DriveClub.

While direct competition in real time won’t be possible [without PS Plus] for instance in the case of DriveClub, asynchronous online gameplay and receiving data from other players will still be free of charge.

Finally, when asked if you’ll need to be subscribed to PS Plus to play MMO and MMORPGs, Yoshida said that’s a decision the publisher would have to make, as Sony’s own DC Universe Online and Planetside will be accessible to all players without PS Plus from day one.

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