Wednesday, November 13, 2013
David Hayter Is Still The Voice Of Snake

David Hayter Is Still The Voice Of Snake

Don’t be fooled by the ruse Hideo Kojima, Konami and David Hayter have been entertaining, the voice of Snake will indeed be David Hayter.

It’s a game that they’ve been playing for a while now, getting fans all worked up when Kojima said that David Hayter wouldn’t reprise his role as Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But the party is over, Kojima, give up.

Why I’m I so convinced, you ask? Well it’s because of this latest tweet from David Hayter:

This tweet from Hayter makes no sense whatsoever, because I guarantee you that if he hadn’t been given the job, he’d either have nothing to say, or would be tweeting rants about why he should have been selected. Instead, the man releases a vague message in response to this happy tweet from Konami. Note that Konami knows that the idea of Hayter not voicing Snake was extremely unpopular, and if indeed they’ve found someone else to do the job, their attitude would have been one of silence. Instead, we get this:


Yeah, you guys aren’t fooling anyone. Certainly not the brilliant folks on Gamesthirst!

Can you remember Hayter’s April Fools post, by the way? Check it out here.

Anyway guys, rest easy and know that David Hayter will indeed voice Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And don’t be fooled by Kojima and co.’s elaborate ploy.

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  • Wolf1888


    Yeah! Hell yeah!

    I mean, YEAH!!

    Now I’m happy. Like, REAL happy. And that’s just a minor thing in my life, but hey, it’s all about the little things ;)

  • ernicegilbert

    Sharing your joy, sir! Snake wouldn’t be Snake without Hayter’s voice!

  • Wolf1888


  • Ghost250

    I hope this is true otherwise i wont be playing or buying MGSV

  • Ghost250

    I hope this is true otherwise i wont be playing or buying MGSV

  • what?

    Aww, I was looking forward to someone new playing Snake. Maybe they wouldn’t be able to find someone more snakey than Snake (David Hayter) himself.

    At least they won’t be hiring the voice actor for the Dark Knight Batman, he’s already growley enough. Stop smoking so much Snake!

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