Saturday, July 20, 2013
Deep Down Development Full Steam Ahead, Says Capcom

Deep Down Development Full Steam Ahead, Says Capcom

Development for the stunning title called Deep Down that Capcom first showed at the PlayStation Meeting in February, is going full steam ahead, the Street Fighter publisher has revealed.

“Development is proceeding on Deep Down, a new title for PlayStation 4,” the firm remarked.

In tandem, the publisher revealed in a forward-looking document concerned with the year ahead, that it expects Lost Planet 3 to sell 1.2 million units, and Resident Evil: Revelations, the 3DS port to consoles, to sell the same amount.

These forecasts are modest, but when it comes to standout series Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS, Capcom is hoping for 4 million upwards in sales this upcoming summer in orient territories alone.


Capcom also revealed lifetime sales of its most popular titles, bestselling first:

  • Resident Evil series: 56 million units
  • Street Fighter series: 34 million units
  • Monster Hunter series: 23 million units
  • Devil May Cry series: 12 million units
  • Dead Rising series: 5.4 million units
  • Lost Planet series: 4.9 million units

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