Saturday, August 30, 2014
Next Xbox Optional Subscription Fee To Cost $15 A Month

Next Xbox Optional Subscription Fee To Cost $15 A Month

When Microsoft launches the next Xbox in November (at least in the U.S.), the company will give gamers two options: buying the console cash for $499, or through an optional subscription model after paying $299 and $15 a month thereafter for 2 years.

Last week Windows super-site blogger Paul Thurrott said the the subscription would be $10, however Thurrott took to twitter yesterday, revealing he’d messed up, adding that the real amount Microsoft will be charging is actually $15 for 2 years after paying $299 upfront. His correction was given mass by The Verge reporter Tom Warren, who tweeted “yup” and noted that the subscription “includes family” as well.

Some quick mathematics reveal the console’s two-year subscription model price, which is $15 x 24 = $360. Add that amount to $299 and your total is $659 – and that’s without late fees and other potential charges.

Microsoft hasn’t refuted the rumor, however this still can’t be regarded as fact until we hear from the company itself on May 21st, the date the next Xbox will be officially unveiled.

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  • afrpain

    they beta have a strong reason for this….. coz i aint buying no machine where i have to pay to access free things

  • ernicegilbert

    Good point, Afrotrav, and I believe a lot of gamers are thinking the very same thing.