Monday, March 25, 2013
Games Thirst Seeking Two News Editors

Games Thirst Seeking Two News Editors

You’ve got the skills to deliver thirst-quenching content daily to the Games Thirst community.

Games Thirst is seeking two news editors who’ll daily cover the happenings of the video games industry. The persons will have excellent writing skills and a strong love for, and knowledge of, the games industry. The chosen will also be able to conduct a successful interview (we have some now pending), will be sent to press events like E3 and GamesCom, and will be expected to represent the company honorably.

If that’s you, then Games Thirst is calling.

Write to me, Ernice: [email protected], and share why you think you’re best suited for the gig.

Good luck.

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  1. Lol where’s nick?

  2. Nick’s on vacation, Shadow :) He does it every year.

  3. Lol nick. Ohhh man it’s great to see you guys expanding

  4. Man, I’d LOVE to see GamesThirst at E3, I think that’d be good publicity, too.

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