Saturday, May 25, 2013
Modern Warfare 4 Site Launched, Reveal Coming On Thursday (Update)

Modern Warfare 4 Site Launched, Reveal Coming On Thursday (Update)

Update: Activision has confirmed that the whole thing has been an elaborate hoax. In other words, it’s fake. Original Story: Just when EA thought it had the month of March all to itself by showing Battlefield 4 on March 26th, Activision decided to upstage the competition by sending live a Modern Warfare  4 website that’s to unveil the new game this coming Thursday, five days before DICE’s Battlefield 4 reveal at GDC.

And the domain chosen is quite fitting: Unexpected Reveal, it is called, as all major recent Call of Duty games have been unveiled in April – but things have changed, we suspect, as the challenger, Battlefield, isn’t a franchise to take lightly.

And so it begins.

The domain is registered with Infinity Ward and shows a blurry screenshot with this text: “Objective was updated. Escape.”

There’s a big countdown clock on the site, leading to its reveal of March 21st. The site’s HTML code also reveals the text: “Call of Duty – Worldwide reveal March 21.”

What will the next Call of Duty bring us, then? Most likely Infinity Ward will show the game in all its next-gen glory – and, we hope, with a new freaking engine!

That’s all I have to say.

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  • Alex Mason

    It has been said by Activision that the site is fake so don’t get your hopes up guys. :P

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