Friday, August 22, 2014
Now, Xbox One Requires Constant Internet Connection To Authenticate Used Games

Now, Xbox One Requires Constant Internet Connection To Authenticate Used Games

It’s baffling that even after Microsoft has revealed the Xbox One that we’re here listening to rumors about the software giant’s strategy for used games and the console’s apparent always-online status. But that’s where we are, sadly, and the latest talk, courtesy Polygon, is that Xbox One will require a constant internet connection to “authenticate” games to make sure it’s assigned to the right owner, and that used games will not require additional fees paid to Microsoft to be purchased.

It’s a confusing amount of noise we’ve been hearing all this week, and this one adds its own spin to the situation:

The Xbox One will not require gamers to pay a fee to reactivate a used game, but it will require a regular online spot check to verify the authenticity of games being played, according to sources familiar with the system.

While an internet connection will be required for the console, the company is also experimenting with special exemption codes that could be given to select people in very particular, internet-free situations, like active-duty soldiers serving in war zones.

The ultimate system that Xbox One will use for used games and online authentication sounds like it is still in open debate on some level internally, which may explain the company’s reticence in more directly clarifying the matter this week. Microsoft executives have been discussing the reaction to the confused messaging surrounding used games and internet requirements and plan to detail the console’s take on both sometime before E3.

The Xbox One will automatically authenticate a game using an encryption code built into a game’s disc, when it is installed on the machine. That authentication on the console’s hard drive tied to the game is then verified regularly through an internet connection.

When a person sells the game or it is installed and played on another system, the game is deauthenticated on the original machine until the disc is brought back and used to re-authenticate the installation.


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