Friday, August 1, 2014
PlayStation 4 Controller Unveiled (Update)

PlayStation 4 Controller Unveiled (Update)

Update 2: Another trusted industry source has confirmed to IGN that the controller is indeed real, however it’s an early prototype, so it’s likely that it’ll be tweaked between now and when the console launches. 

Update 1: Kotaku’s now reporting that the controller is actually a real prototype, in other words the final product should look very similar to what you’re about to see.

Original Story: We finally have an actual picture of what the PlayStation 4 controller looks like.



The picture was first sent to Destructoid. Now, it’s unclear if the picture’s actually real, so although it looks like the real deal, this story will be labeled as a rumor. Sony has refused to comment.

And industry source familiar with the new console says the  photo is the real deal. However keep in mind, it may not represent the final form of the controller. Kotaku points to the official Orbis documentation that was shared a few weeks ago, which noted that the controller would feature a two-point multi-touch capable “pad” similar to the one on the back of the Vita. It can also be clicked for an additional input. Curiously, this prototype seems to not include a “Share” button, despite that button being described in the documentation.

PlayStation 4 controller analysis, courtesy IGN:

The analog sticks look to be a bit further apart, though they remain level, unlike the Xbox 360 controller’s unevenly placed sticks. However, the sticks themselves are concave, like the Xbox 360’s. PlayStation 3’s controller includes convex analog sticks.

The much-rumored touch pad – a la the back of PlayStation Vita – appears at the center of the controller. There’s a small, mystery button to the left of the pad, above and to the right of the d-pad. Is this the rumored share button? Or is it a start or select button, both conspicuously absent from this version of the controller?

Meanwhile, there’s a glowing “something” on the top of the controller – most likely PlayStation Move-related – as well as a PlayStation button seemingly identical to the one on the PS3 controller. Above the PlayStation button appears to be a speaker, and what looks to be an audio jack is underneath the controller, perhaps used to plug in a headset.

Here’s a big picture of the PS4 prototype controller. Here’s a magnified view.


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  • Alex Mason

    Looks pretty nice. Maybe the light on the top of the controller is a Move embedded?

  • smoge

    interesting; looks like there a headphone-jack in the bottom like a 360 controller and integrating move sounds interesting. Im not liking the look of the speaker on the front.

  • Ghost250

    o_O what….. in….. the…. hell… is… that…. thing….

    that think looks like dog****. if this is the new controller or anything similar than sony you just drove up the price in you machine for nothing. you put a touch pad in place of start & select? what in the hell is even the purpose of that. sony you can keep that garbage.

  • smoge

    @ghost, “early prototype”

  • Alex Mason

    @Ghost: I like the idea, and since I saw from IGN that they said that this was the true prototype I still think that this is a great idea.

    The controller looks more hefty to add stability and strength. The move embedded might be awesome if true. The analogue sticks need some rework. The touch (screen? pad?) still looks like it will add some stupid gimmicks to games.

    Overall, it looks awesome, just make the touch thingy work good Sony.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Look at the “magnified” picture. Looks like the start/select buttons have been placed underneath. I’m kinda liking what I see.
    Also, that glowing blue light atop seems to be for PS Move integration. I don’t really know what the touch pad is for.
    And there seems to be a speaker? atop the PS button. PlayStation Meeting hype is in full throttle. PS4 announcement definitely coming.

  • Wolf1888

    I do not completely hate it, but I would’ve loved something that looks more like this:×270.jpg
    That’s right. This one is just perfect, and has been for so many years. They only thing I really like about the new controller, is the share button.
    I dislike concave analogue sticks, I also dislike round shaped controllers (Xbox shaped), and I dislike gimmicks.

    My hopes are that maybe they will release a standard iconic Dualshock version with the Share button. They can also throw the touch pad on it and the Move light too, I don’t care. I just want them to keep the same proportions and the same overall shape of everything.

    I hate useless change.

  • Ghost250

    but the main question is who the hell is this appealing to, sure it maybe a early prototype but its obvious that the design is gonna be refined but it isn’t gonna change drastically from what were seeing. why do they keep pushing this whole touch pad and move crap, no one wants. everyone that owns a vita says that them shoehorning touch pad controls into games like uncharted golden abyss is nothing more than a detriment to the games themselves. they don’t enhance your gaming experience it’s more of nuisance if anything. an move was failure why even put it into the controller? ewwwww instead of pressing START or SELECT i can press a touchpad instead. c’mon this is just ridiculous by far. wolf1888 is right it’s nothing more than useless change.

  • Ghost250

    the only thing i see that they added on the controller looks like a headphone jack for possibly a mic. interested in that though. maybe they”l bundle mics like the way microsoft does with the xbox. which imo should be a standard.

  • nick

    problems i have with the DS3.
    analogue sticks.
    uncomfortable shape.
    too small.
    this has improved, or straight out fixed everything!
    im pretty happy.
    only thing id change from that is the touch pad, for the love of god why use a touch pad?
    either A if there is no gamepad type controller than put a small touch screen in instead of a touch pad.
    or obviously if there is a gamepad controller sold separately, than why drive the costs of the standard controller up with something so useless?

  • nick

    correction, looks like there going to be allowing easy ports for mobile games onto PSN so the touchpads not such a bad idea.
    IF developers actually do that though.
    you can already do that through playstation mobile, and yea only IOS/ android game thats made it over that i can think of is the original N.O.V.A!