Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Weekend Quencher 01/12/13 – Examining PS Plus, Edition

Weekend Quencher 01/12/13 – Examining PS Plus, Edition

So, yesterday Games Thirst user Afrotravis asked me a simple question: “Do you want PS Plus?” And I said, “yes!”. In about three minutes later, a code was sent to me by afrotrav via PSN message, and upon redeeming it, one year of PS Plus was added to my account. Thank you, sir. Now it’s time for me to examine the thing.I downloaded a few games last night, and throughout this weekend and all of next week, I’ll be checking out the service to make a determination on what I think it’s worth to me. Once again, thanks, bro!

It’s the weekend, though, anything cool happening with you guys, or is this just a quiet one? I’ll be running about the place today: first, for a haircut, second, a few meetings and later tonight I’ll be at a concert.

Are there any interesting movies out? I’d like to watch something.

Be blessed, guys, you are the best!

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  • Mezzo

    Awesome, definitely download inFamous ( If you haven’t played it already ).
    Plus you can get some awesome free Dynamic Themes in the ‘Extra Freebies’ section.

  • Mezzo

    Also, i hope PS carries on to PS4.

    Have a look at this, it might be worthy of a main site posting.

  • nick

    should go and watch jack reacher i really enjoyed that.
    nice to see a movie with quite a good story line for a change!
    was going to watch the hobbit yesterday but for some stupid reason the cinemas only had it on at 11:30 in the morning, or 9PM at night.
    one of THE most popular movies of the year, only been out for two weeks, and they only have 2 sessions per day?
    and one of them is on so late most people wont go to it because the movie goes for 3 hours so it wont be finished till after midnight!
    spent most of the weekend studying and finishing assignments got my finals on tomorrow so thats going to be interesting……
    must pass too since the other 2 assignments i failed because my bloody 5K laptop had BSOD issues and corrupted my HDD thus loosing the assignments.
    so if i fail tomorrow thats 2 years and 30K down the drain!
    wish i did IT at school, would of made things so much easier!
    if i pass its straight onto a 2 year MSCE course than im fully qualified.
    still tossing up what i should go into, game design or hardware engineer.
    latter would probably suit me better because im obsessed with tech, but its FAR harder to get into and much less jobs here id basically have to move to probably china.
    id rather do game development only thing that concerns me is the insecurity and treatments your constantly hearing.
    nothing worse than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on qualifications, than cant find a job, or worse getting stuck on contract work.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Benzo: Thanks for the link!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Nick: I was about to go check that movie out, but my friends told me it was rubbish. Now you’re saying it’s awesome, what gives?

  • nick

    people have different tastes.
    some loved skyfall, where others found it about as entertaining as watching oprah!
    i enjoyed it, its got a really good story to it.
    its really unique too, 99% of the time when movies do this concept there predictable or really hard to follow.
    this wasent, and every time you think you know whats happening, your proved wrong.