Friday, August 29, 2014
Thirsty Conversations: Happy Thanksgiving!
Ah, Don't be sad, guys, we're not leaving you!

Thirsty Conversations: Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving day in America, a time when family and friends come together to give thanks for all that’s good, remembering that bad is always around the corner. It’s also a day when we eat a disproportionate amount of food, and kill a lot of birds. But since we’re gamers around here, I thought I’d ask what, if any, are you most grateful for from the gaming heritage.

Has gaming done anything to advance your life? I know it helps me unwind, and brings a good amount of happiness when I’m beasting in a hot MP game with friends. It also creates a ton of memories for me, and seasons, too! For example, whenever I think of Killzone 3, or whenever I go back to play the game, I remember the good days when it was the only game I played! It’s like the atmosphere, the season, the spirit of the time, then, comes back to me, bringing this really good feeling to my heart.

Weird, right? I don’t think so. Remember, whatever you do today, give thanks! eat! play! and enjoy family time!

Tell us, too, what are you most thankful for as a gamer. Let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Games Thirst Turkey House.

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  • Baran Altuncu

    I’m not really into ThanksGiving, but I thank my brother for getting me into the gaming world. I remember all the times playing PS1 and PS2 with him, the times he would let me use his GameBoy Colour. All those beautiful moments, but now he’s at college and has forgotten gaming. I will still remember the moments of Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks, Chrono Cross, Crash Bandicoot, Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Monster Hunter, GTA SA, and all the games I played with my brother. He said he moved on from gaming, but he bought a Nintendo DS just a few months back to play Pokemon. Like a boss.

  • narwall14

    i will never give up gaming unless they come up with something better Vaming lol

  • Baran Altuncu

    @narwall: I heard there is something call ****ing, not sure though. XD

  • narwall14

    wtf lololol

  • Wolf1888

    I’m from Canada, so we don’t really celebrate ThanksGiving, but I sure am grateful for a lot of stuff.

    I do believe videogames made me more logical. I used to play (and still do) a lot of puzzle kinda games, on especially on PC. The enigma kind of games to the simple Tetris or RushHour kind of game.

  • Ghost250

    i am thankful that the NE patriots kicked the living crap out of the NY jets. it was so beautiful

  • Baran Altuncu

    I would love if you guys tried Nitronic Rush, this indie game is racing fused with parkour, kinda like carkour. Here is the website:

    The game is for free and they are already making a new better designed game from the money they got from Kickstarter. It’s really fun guys!