Sunday, September 7, 2014
Development On Halo 4 Is Complete

Development On Halo 4 Is Complete

The game’s now in certification before it gets sent out for mass production.

That’s according to franchise development director Frank O’Connor, speaking to an audience at this morning’s Halo 4 press event taking place at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden.

“We had a big piece of news yesterday back in the office, which is that the game is literally finished at this point,” said O’Connor. “They are handing it off through the various certification processes and that, and we’re done.

“It’s been three years of incredibly hard work by about 300 people.”

Halo 4 will see a release Worldwide on November 6th.

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  • nick

    so why release it so late?
    only takes 3 or so weeks for games to finish cert and get onto store shelves, so they could of easily had this out by mid october!
    so why delay it to november?
    now im convinced M$ is releasing this then just because they thought $ony would continue tradition and have another big blockbuster for that month.
    ironic, the one year M$ has it is the one year $ony does not.
    hmmmmmm………. it was planned! conspiracy, conspiracy!!!!!!!!