Friday, August 29, 2014
Mirror’s Edge Heading To PSN Next Week

Mirror’s Edge Heading To PSN Next Week

That DICE game everyone’s hoping a sequel will be made for will arrive on PSN US next week, September 25th to be exact. There’s no information on pricing, nor was a release window given for other territories. Once that’s made known, however, we’ll fill you in.

But as IGN, the source of this news asked, “could this be EA and DICE testing the waters, as it were, for a sequel? Or are they just getting some legacy content out there for folks to enjoy?”

Either ways, it’s good to see the Mirror’s Edge brand still in the media – keeping it fresh.

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  • nick

    hope this is not EA testing the waters for peoples interest for a sequel, because this is not going to sell well!
    if anything this is going to hurt the chances of a sequel, not benefit them!
    TBH though i dont want it till next gen systems come out!
    would be the perfect launch title, and its one game that really needs more power!
    the physics engine in the original was really lacking, sure FB2 will help with that now but this game would be so much better with next gen hardware behind it.
    this and BG&E 2, 2 games that MUST be launch titles for next gen systems!
    a new bad company would be nice too……..