Saturday, September 6, 2014
Apple Is The Most Valuable Company The World Has Ever Seen

Apple Is The Most Valuable Company The World Has Ever Seen

Apple, a company that not too long ago, before the age of iPod and iPhone, was just ‘doing well’, but today the firm is valued at $623 billion, making it the most valuable company the world has ever known.

The latest valuation topples Microsoft’s 1999 value of $620 billion.

So the question is asked, why is Apple so successful? Many would say the company is experiencing a mammoth growth period which has seen its value jump a dramatic $400 billion at the turn of the year, mainly on the sales of iPhone and iPad devices, and impending growth of said devices.

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  • nick

    and ill be sitting here laughing my a$$ off when the iphone 5 releases and all this changes!
    allot of people are starting to wake up and smell the java, shifting away from IOS.
    unless apple do a DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTIC change of the new iphone there going to loose a big portion of their market share!
    i always said the death of steve jobs would be the death of the company!
    i knew as soon as he left they would turn into antivision releasing the same old same old year after year.
    but they did not have to prove it to me!
    IF the leaked pics and videos of the 5 are real, which they certainly look very authentic, than this is going to be THE biggest flop the company has seen in its history!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Haha. We shall see. I’ve always favored Android, specifically Samsung Androids over iOS.

  • nick

    its frustrating because some areas apple is better, and others android is better.
    in features and customization android is better.
    but in the apps store, app reliability, hardware look and feel, hardware reliability, ease of use, apple is still light years ahead!
    it amazes me how android suppliers are STILL yet to catch up to where apple thrives.
    i dont get it instead of working on their weaknesses there more concerned improving their strengths!