Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Do you suck at Dragon’s Dogma? Capcom may think so

Do you suck at Dragon’s Dogma? Capcom may think so

Capcom has been thinking a lot on why the game has sold over 1 million, with the most of that part being Japan. And then, the folks at the company came to a conclusion: Westerners get their asses handed to them, and that’s why it doesn’t appeal to them. So, they’re now releasing a patch which will include an “Easy” mode, as well as a demo for the Western territories.

Truth is, the early parts of the game are unforgiving, but not at Demon’s Souls’ level. Stumbling onto huge enemies, your only weapon is to pray they won’t see you. When you have to wander at night, you can accidentally bump onto all sorts of horror, ready to cut off your head and play football with it. But it’s not that the game is not manageable; I will just assume Capcom knows more than I do. Anyway, Easy Mode is an option, and since it’s not forced onto anyone’s game, it can’t harm anyone.

Apart from these news, Capcom is also developing the next installment in the series, as they see Dragon’s Dogma as a successful new IP that can turn into a major franchise.

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  • nick

    ah gotta love the arrogance of crapcom!
    its not our game, its you!
    firstly its selling best in japan because thats where its made, thats just common sense!
    its like saying pizza sells allot more in tialy than what it does in the states.
    dragons dogma is one of the very few games that actually had a japanese style to the game and that is why it sold better in its origin area.
    there is definetly another reason besides that though it has NOTHING to do with “getting your a$$ handed to you”.
    ill keep it short and simple to hopefully get through their microscopic brains!
    having 100000 enemies attacking you every single time you take 2 steps IS NOT FUN!
    people bitched about it till their faces were blue on so many games this gen, far cry 2 for instance, so why do developers still bloody do it!?
    they shove their finger into the light socket, than go and do it again.
    you would think developers will learn from each other, if one does something with their games and people rip them a new hole for it than maybe, just maybe, its not a good idea to do it!
    common sense!!!!!!!