Friday, August 29, 2014
Skyrim DLC Coming This Summer, Called Dawnguard

Skyrim DLC Coming This Summer, Called Dawnguard

Skyrim will see its first batch of DLC this summer, Bethesda has announced.

The DLC is called Dawnguard, which Bethesda trademarked earlier this year, and could refer to a museum located in the city of Dawnstar that is dedicated to the “Order of the Mythic Dawn.”

More info will be released at E3.

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    wow finally !!

  • nick

    sucks the 360 gets early exclusivity everyone else has to wait a while.
    i wish steam would hurry the hell up and drop the price of this!
    its ridiculous it has not dropped a cent its still at 100 bucks, when i can pick it up from retailers for more than half that!
    purchase the game online for 100 bucks, or purchase the game at the stores for 40.
    hmmmmmm such a hard decision!!!!!!!