Choosing New York For Crysis 3 Wasn’t The Easy Way Out, Says Crytek

Choosing New York For Crysis 3 Wasn’t The Easy Way Out, Says Crytek

Because Crysis 2 happened in New York, many are now of the belief that Crytek’s simply reshuffling stages from the game to make the third installment, Crysis 3, but according to Crytek’s director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard, that’s simply not the case.

“One thing I want to underline is that we did not do this because it’s easier for us,” he told Rock Paper Shotgun.

“All of the assets have been created from the ground-up. There is nothing left of the New York you saw in Crysis 2. As you saw in the demo, there’s no resemblance to what we did before.

I mean, the example I’ve used is let’s say there’s a war, and your hometown is bombed, and so is your friend’s. Going to see your hometown is going to be completely different from your friend’s because you already have a connection to that place versus a place you’ve never been before. Although it’s obviously not the same [with Crysis 3], it’s still a little bit of that principle.”

So it’s not the same old game, guys. Crytek’s working their butts out with this one.

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  • nick

    are people stupid or what?
    look at the trailer you idiots, what single thing from crysis 2 is the same there?
    the whole city has turned into a jungle and is under a massive dome!
    what part of that was in crysis 2?
    i swear to god sometimes i think people just bitch for the sake of bitching.
    if this was set in NYC in the city setting i could understand but its not, just because the locations the same does not mean the environments are recycled.
    last time i checked theres a MASSIVE difference between a jungle and a city!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It looks good.

  • nick

    very good!

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