Monday, January 26, 2015
Indie Developer Says Kojima Is “Terrible” At Making Games

Indie Developer Says Kojima Is “Terrible” At Making Games

Some Indie developer who’s also IGN’s former editor-in-chief has gone on record criticizing Kojimasan, uttering such rubbish as saying Kojima’s terrible at making games, and that he couldn’t remember when last he enjoyed a game from the legendary developer bar the original Metal Gear Solid.

“Konami doesn’t make good stuff,” Tyrone Rodriguez producer at indie game studio Nicalis told IndieGames in an interview. The dev then attacked Hideo Kojima directly: “He’s terrible at making games. Metal Gear is good in spite of him. I haven’t enjoyed a game of his since maybe the original Metal Gear Solid, maybe.”

After casting his damning judgement on Kojima, he had some advise for indie game developers: “The main thing I want to see from indie developers is to stop calling themselves indie developers,” he warned. “You’re either a game developer or you’re not. Indie has nothing to do with it. It’s like this cool buzzword now. Do you make games? Okay, then you’re a game developer.”

Such rubbish talk.

Via TheEscapist, CVG.

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  • nick

    as one wise man said once ill have what hes having!

  • narwall14

    fuck indie game devs.don’t bring some one down just because your not up there