Monday, June 3, 2013
20% of xbox360 gamers are switching to ps3

20% of xbox360 gamers are switching to ps3

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Since Microsoft has released that they will be charging world wide currency instead of using the always loved Microsoft Points, 20% of Xbox360 gamers turned to the PS3 as their console of choice. Sadly only 4% of Xbox360 gamers went out and bought a PS3 because of this event. Although it is not certain on when Microsoft won’t be selling MSP any longer, it sure hasn’t stopped gamers from switching to Sony.

Many gamers are cringing at the fact that they will have to put their credit/debit cards or their paypal’s on their console. Now the question is, what if Microsoft has a Sony moment and get’s hacked? Very unlikely but still possible. Millions of credit card information will be stolen if an event this unfortunate ensues. If you ask me this is one of many Microsoft decisions which make me a proud owner of a Sony Playstation 3.

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  • nick

    one day M$ will learn, one day……..
    i just hope its before the next system comes out, if they release the next xbox with the games they have been releasing the past year, IE crappy kids games, they can kiss their involvement in this industry goodbye!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    MS is going a totally different route.. They’re trying to make the next Xbox the “everything box”. That’s what they should call it, then.

  • Joseph Garrett

    I like the fact that they are getting rid of the points system. It makes it easier to tell how much you paying for a game and it means people in the UK won’t keep having to pay more for the same games.

    They just need to have an option to buy pre-paid cards so you can just use a redeem code. You can do that on PS3. Have Microsoft even ever said that they won’t continue to offer these or has everyone just assumed?

  • nick

    everyone just assumed they have not said anything on it yet.
    really makes me wonder what M$ would be doing now if nintendo did not turn away the kinect technology.
    i was shocked when i read that ninty were first offered it and turned it down, then $ony, then M$ finally accepted it.
    would be interesting to see what M$ would be doing now if they lost the tech.
    and how it would of changed one of the other companies.

  • os1019

    LOL The Everything Box… man had you came up with this a week earlier we could have done a M$ commercial for the Super Bowl

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @OS1019: Haha. I think we could still sell them the idea. Xbox: Everything. BOOM! LOL!

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