Wednesday, September 10, 2014
PS Vita Decline Continues In Japan, Beaten By PSP

PS Vita Decline Continues In Japan, Beaten By PSP

We’re not sure what has gone wrong, but Sony’s new handheld dubbed PS Vita could really use some vita right now, as the console’s experienced yet another decline for the second straight week in Japan.

In fact, PSP outperformed the Vita by about 20,000 units.

Here’s the full thing, both software and hardware, with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Everybody’s Golf being the only two PS Vita titles in the top 30:


3DS 197,952
PS3 67,199
PSP 62,746
Vita 42,648
Wii 33,208
DSi LL 3,356
Xbox 360 2,453
DSi 2,418
PS2 1,659
DS Lite 28


Mario Kart 7 – 109.000 / 1.160.000
Monster Hunter 3G – 100.000 / 985.000
Warriors Orochi 2 – 73.000 / 274.000
Super Mario 3D Land – 68.000 / 1.080.000
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – 61.000 / 704.000
Just Dance Wii – 48.000 / 269.000
Kirby Wii
Wii Party
SD Gundam G Generation 3D

Thanks, Inside JP Games.

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  • nick

    quite obvious what has gone wrong!
    far too expensive, far too many restrictions, feels outdated, not enough games for it, silly expensive requirements like the memory cards.
    $ony is doing everything in there power to make this flop!
    and sadly its working like a charm!
    another thing i hate about the vita is you cant transfer things between it and a PC unless the PC is connected via WIFI.
    i was going to take my laptop with me so i could swap and change my psp games over to it, there goes that idea!
    oh and another stupid restriction, you cant copy across demos if its not signed to your vitas account.
    ps3 and psp you can, only paid content is locked.
    the vita locks EVERYTHING!
    and another problem, only a small handful of PSP games about 20 are accessible through the PS store on the vita.
    i was going to re download a few PSP games i purchased, but for some reason on the vita i cant find them.
    GOW is there, but resistance retribution and syphon filter logans shadow are not.
    yup, as i said $ony is doing EVERYTHING in their power to make this flop!

  • os1019

    It is amazing as this device is I saw it’s impending doom written on the wall before it was released. Price is a key factor but Sony and Nintendo have totally over looked what people want in portable gaming…..

    There is a reason why games on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch etc are doing so well people are already have those devices for various reasons and playing games is only a part of it but it is an option that millions of people want.
    If you travel a lot especially by airplane you want your luggage load to be as light as possible and carrying a tablet computer and the portable gaming unit is overkill in most cases….
    This is even the main reason Apple pushes the iPhone so hard people were not going to continue to carry their smartphone and a MP3 player much longer
    So Apple delivered the best of both worlds…
    People playing portable games care less about specs and graphics and more about having fun in between whatever they have to do next… work, dr appointment, commute… etc etc…
    Which is why games like Angry Birds and Zuma are so popular they are entertaining and easily digestible.
    When most people want to be blown away by fancy graphics and serious gaming they turn on their consoles…

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @os1019: Well put, bro. I still hope the device dos well.

  • os1019

    Same here there is nothing wrong with having options…

  • Ernice Gilbert