Saturday, August 30, 2014

You Will Go Mental For Uncharted 3 DLC

Naughty Dog’s preparing really good post-launch content for Uncharted 3.

“We have some really cool stuff for DLC this time, even way cooler than what we had for Uncharted 2…there’s one piece of content in particular that I think fans are going to go ballistic for,” said Justin Richmond, Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond on Game Trailers’ Bonus Round.

We’re sure it won’t be story DLC, as Naughty Dog has said they’d rather save such work for the next Uncharted title, so you can bet your bottom dollar it’s multiplayer-focused content.

“Because we did so well with multiplayer last time, we kept saying we have to have a plan from the beginning…so we have that this time. There’s a ton of DLC content that’s coming.”

Uncharted 3 goes on Sale tomorrow.

Thanks, Gamerzines.

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  • ExclusivesMostly

    Only a few hours remaining b4 launch….

  • Ernice Gilbert

    ExclusivesMostly! Miss you around these parts!! I know you’re working hard these days, keep it up! Yeah, just a few more hours. We’ll set up a GT online meetup.

  • nick

    uncharted 2 has such a awesome online mode but lacked the support and content.
    i wish they would do a extra SP mission like what epic did for gears 3.
    or at least a few extra co-op maps.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Uncharted 3 today!