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Amazon Says PS Vita Will Be Out In January

by Ernice Gilbert on June 23rd, 2011, under Hot, News, PS Vita, Sony

According to Destructoid, Amazon’s put up on its US site a December 31st release date for PS Vita, however if said date’s accurate, it’ll come one week late in early January.

That’s only on the retailer’s U.S. site, though, as no such thing’s listed for its Europe branches.

UK retailer ShopTo is contradicting Amazon this time, as it’s pinned down PS Vita for a November 2011 release in Europe, with games for the handheld costing £40 a piece.

Officially, the console’s due out in Japan by Christmas, and all over the west early next year.


  1. Fri, 24th Jun 2011 at 4:59 am

    awwww…. enough of these contradictions my head hurts!

  2. Fri, 24th Jun 2011 at 6:06 am


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