Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Zelda Title Under Development For Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that there’s a new Zelda title under development for Wii U at Nintendo as we speak.

It was in a recent interview with Kotaku that Shigeru Miyamoto divulged the news, adding the new game would introduce some interesting new gameplay experiences, much like what was demonstrated in the E3 demo.

“This is an HD system, our first HD system, and we want to create a real HD Zelda game for it,” he said. “You will see a lot of these in-depth and deep experiences in terms of visual style. You will also see some play styles that are fun and interesting because of the play structure.”

The Wii U controller will also feature a web browser, Miyamoto said, which gamers can use to surf the net. He considers the controller the single biggest thing Nintendo’s been able to accomplish with the new console.

“You have a screen available at any time that you can check,” he continued, adding: “This dedicated second screen, and the way people may use it, not just for gaming, but to do things like browse the Internet, is the Wii U’s single, biggest design accomplishment.”

“When you look at most TVs in home nowadays it takes awhile for them to turn on. That becomes a barrier for people.”

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  • nick

    typo, 4th paragraph last line.
    yea TVs today take a while to turn on, but hows that a barrier?
    they take like 10 seconds is he really that impatient!?
    great idea to have a web browser in the controller, hopefully you can use the controller without having the console on.
    though allot of people have ipads for that, so how much they would use it for that.
    what im worried about though is ninty games are always so much fun because theres no super amazing graphics to worry about.
    once that changes with this, does that mean the games wont be anywhere near as fun as they use to be ala ps3?
    i certainly hope not!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Fixed. Thanks. Yeah – I was thinking the same thing about the “barrier” quote. People can’t be that impatient….

  • nick

    no probs.
    it will be interesting to see if adding HD effects the gameplay like it has the ps3.
    i was so disappointed with infamous 2 both story wise, and combat wise.
    story wise its a massive buzz kill!
    combat wise, your powers feel FAR too weak!
    in the original game you could throw a grenade at the center of 4 enemies and it would kill every one of them!
    infamous 2 though you may kill 2, 3 if your lucky.
    i hate the power separations too, in the original you had the power of a alpha grenade, the sticky feature, and the cluster feature.
    infamous 2 you have to choose which one.
    only thing better in infamous 2 is the graphics!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    You know, I might just buy Wii U for Zelda.