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In Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 Is “Completely Invested In The Story”

by Ernice Gilbert on June 21st, 2011, under News, PC, PS3, Square-Enix, Xbox 360

It’s been long years fans of the Hitman franchise have been waiting for a new title, and at E3 the new game, Hitman: Absolution, got its bona fide reveal. How is the development process shaping up, and what’s it like for Agent 47 this time? Don’t worry, he’ll be trodding the globe to kill his betrayers, as he’s “completely invested in [the game's] story” this time around.

That’s according to Tore Blystad, game director at IO Interactive, telling the PS Blog that the story becomes personal early in the game when Agent 47 gets betrayed.

“It’s a much more personal journey for Agent 47,” he said. “He’s completely invested in the story, and we see an interesting turning point where he gets betrayed. This sets him off on a hunt for the truth, but, of course, it’s still very much about finding people and killing them.”

As for his travels, Blystad said: “I can’t get into specifics there I’m afraid, but there are a lot of locations and Agent 47 will be collecting his air miles.”

Hitman: Absolution comes out next year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


  1. Wed, 22nd Jun 2011 at 3:58 am

    just hope the stealth and openness of the series is still a main focous of the game.
    only reason deus ex human revolution looks so dam good is because theres so many different ways you can tackle a problem!
    you can go in guns blazing, you can play cat and mouse with your enemies killing one guy and letting everyone find him, you can kill everyone silently and hide them so no one ever finds out, or you could avoid them completley.
    thats how you do a stealth game!
    its not only about remaining unseen, its about being able to choose, be able to adopt to different situations.

  2. Wed, 22nd Jun 2011 at 6:06 am

    I’m paying close attention to this… Sounding good thus far.

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