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Five Secrets Of The PlayStation Network

by Ernice Gilbert on May 26th, 2011, under Article, Hot, PS3, PSN

You’ve had the PlayStation Network ever since you purchased your PS3, it comes with the package. And of course you’ve played games online, watched movies and even downloaded a few demos. But there’s so much more to the PlayStation Network than you realize. In fact, you could be saving people and money all at once and that’s all while you’re taking a nap. Many secrets are housed in PSN, but today we’ll share five with you.

Fight Cancer And Other Diseases

All your life you wanted to be a missionary because you just couldn’t stand to see the death of many through diseases. Well here’s your chance to become a lifesaver. The Life with PlayStation application automatically connects your console to a network of PS3s participating in Stanford University’s Folding@Home project. The project demands massive amounts of data-crunching power as the goal is to stimulate the body’s protein-folding process. By distributing the project’s intense workload over a vast network of computers, scientists can potentially discover the cures for diseases.

Store Your Game-Save Data Online

You’re a big-time gamer. In fact you’ve owned all the PS3 exclusive titles that’s come out since the console’s launch – but you’ve ran out of space on the system and have spent cash on two external hard drives. Don’t you just wish there was a way to save you games without eating into your precious HDD? Worry not, my friend, there is a way.

If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, Sony offers a service allowing you to save up to 150MB worth of game saves per PSN account. Here’s how:

1: Navigate the Game Menu and select Saved Data Utility.

2: Highlight the game data you’d like to store online.

3: Press the Triangle button and select Copy.

4: Then select Online Storage

Automate And Go To Sleep

PS Plus subscribers can set their PS3s to awaken at anytime from standby and automatically download games, demos, and updates all while their catching a nap. As soon as the updates are done, the PS3 will go back to standby mode.

Save Money

You may think joining PS Plus is only spending unnecessary money, but once you opt in, you’ll realize that the amount of content you’re given for free on a monthly basis overwhelmingly outweighs that yearly fee. From PSN Minis to PSone Classics, new games are available to Plus members each month for free. Once a game is downloaded, it’s yours as long as your remain subscribed to the service – and that’s fair enough.

Go Home

You’ve roamed about the PlayStation Network looking at different things, but have you ever gone HOME? PlayStation HOME is the Second Life for gamers. Everything you need is within, and over the years the space has seen many improvements.

There’s a Central Plaza that’s a living breathing space and so much more. You have your own home, can make friends, see communities of your favorite games and meet actual people. Next time you switch that PS3 green, make sure to go HOME.

Like I said earlier, there are many more secrets to your PS3, but enjoy these for the moment.


  1. Fri, 27th May 2011 at 4:03 am

    i would not use folding at home if i was you.
    theres been allot of reports of ps3s getting the YLOD during it.
    i was really psyched for the automatic download feature, but whats the point of it if it downloads EVERYTHING!
    heaps of crap you dont want, nor need?
    they need to set it up so your ps3 reminds you tomorrow this this and this is setup for automatic download, what do you want?
    that way you can pick and choose ahead of time, and as soon as its available its already in your cue downloading.
    another thing that comes in handy is this psn trick, you set your ps3 up to use a specific DNS server and then download whatever you want off the PSN, it significantly increases the speed of the download!
    up to 65% faster!
    seriously comes in handy, thats one thing ive never been able to understand.
    when i had my 360 last year i downloaded heaps of demos on both XBLA and PSN for a comparison and XBLA was always faster, a massive 20 minutes faster on average to be precise!
    whys PSN so slow?
    probably another case of $ony being tight a$$e$ and getting the cheapest, slowest, oldest servers they could find!
    another thing we need is multiple downloads.
    WTFs the point of having braudband if you can only download one thing at a time?
    its like buying a I7 but then only using 32bit programs which only use one core.
    let us use our full bandwidth and get multiple things done, instead of having a 5 lane highway but only allowing traffic in one lane!

  2. Fri, 27th May 2011 at 7:11 am

    The automated feature I what’s good IMO….

  3. Fri, 27th May 2011 at 10:20 am

    i hate it, waste of download usage.
    ok if you can download as much as you want but i cant.

  4. Fri, 27th May 2011 at 10:51 am

    I like it. When I get home it has already done the PSN Updates or game patches. I delete anything I don’t care about, which is not that much of anything. I only have 3Mb Service so some things take a while. Living in the sticks, I am grateful that I have anything at all.

  5. Fri, 27th May 2011 at 10:58 am

    Ah I love it. like rpatricky said, everything’s already done by the time you get home from a hard long day when all you want to do is cool down….and play some games…

  6. Sat, 28th May 2011 at 11:03 am

    except when your like me and have a small download usage and the stupid thing has put you over thus limiting your download speed to dial up!
    last time i went over it took me half a freaking hour to download GTs home page!

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