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DC Universe Online Servers Being Merged Into Super Servers!

by Dean Kent on May 3rd, 2011, under Gaming News, News, PC, Playstation 3, Sony

MMOs are a fickle business. It took Sony a long time to get DC universe up and running. With considerable development costs that mere mortals like you and I can only throw guesses at.

Therefore, the news that the Hero MMO population is starting to wane so much that the servers are being merged (read reduced) must be a giant kick in the spandex covered crotch.

The plan, announced on the DCUO forum, is to reduce down the Servers to four SUPER SERVERS. One for each platform (PC,PS3) In each region.(US, European)

This will provide a better populated game world for our budding heroes and presumably make it harder for our up and coming villains to get away with their dastardly deeds.

Some may say that they aren’t surprised. They may say that console players just are not ready for pay to play games.

Others, myself included, liked the idea of a game experience which evolved over the months after release.

Whichever way you lean on the subject one thing seems clear: Numbers are on the decline in the Superhero/Super villain MMO and with FreeRealms already released in North America and due out in Europe in may, DCUO will need to rethink its business model if it wishes to compete.


  1. Wed, 4th May 2011 at 4:57 am

    hmmmmmmmm, not surprising considering the way the games gone down.
    i refuse to touch it because were paying 20 bucks more per subscription then anyone else!
    hows that fair?
    pluck you too sony!
    really starting to get sick of them treating their fans like banks!

  2. Wed, 4th May 2011 at 5:25 am

    AU must have terrible Sony reps.

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