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Get New AC: Brotherhood Map Just For “Liking” The Games Facebook Page

by Ernice Gilbert on February 7th, 2011, under News, Ubisoft

Now that’s the type of giveaway we like to hear about. Just for liking Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Facebook page, Ubisoft is promising us a brand new map for free. Only catch is that it needs to top 1 million likes first.

It’s almost there, so expect to jump on Xbox Live and PSN very soon.

In addition the giveaway map, a new dev diary will be created by the publisher to say a big thank you to fans. This will also prompt UbiWorkshop to release a commemorative t-shirt, and throw 24-hour 15 percent discount sale on all items.

The game’s been doing great in the sales department too.

Via Joystiq.


  1. Tue, 8th Feb 2011 at 2:58 am

    wish this game never had MP!
    so disappointing how there treating their PC fans too, this is releasing a good 5 months later than the console versions so you would think there would be extra features, right?
    the blooming game does not even support DX 10 let alone DX11, it uses DX9!
    9 for crying out loud, that was ancient history 2 years ago!!!!!!!!
    i dont mind waiting a few extra months for a game, as long as its actually been rebuilt for the PC.
    but this is a direct frigging port, so what the %$#@ have ubisoft been doing in the last five months????????
    this is exactly why PC gaming is dying, because developers just dont give a royal two hoots about it!
    consoles get the entree, main course and desert, where PCs get the leftovers……….. if there lucky!

  2. Tue, 8th Feb 2011 at 6:28 am

    “consoles get the entree, main course and desert, where PCs get the leftovers……….. if there lucky!” Sad but true.

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