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Gears Of War 3 Beta Content Still Being Debated Says Epic Games

by Ernice Gilbert on January 7th, 2011, under EA, Epic Games, Hot, News, People Can Fly

It’ll be one of the biggest game betas this year, but Epic Games president Mike Capps is “still debating” what content to include in it. That’s easy, I reckon: just make it good.

That’s what he told Techland recently, adding he knows the beta codes will be highly sought after.

“We know that the Gears 3 beta access codes will be highly sought-after,” he said, “so our most passionate fans will get the inside track. The beta starts in the spring and, honestly, we’re still debating what exactly is going to go into the beta so fans will want to be there from the very beginning to see how it evolves and grows.”

And as for why the idea to include codes in the retail version of People Can Fly’s shooter came, Bulletstorm, it was inspired by the inclusion of the Halo 3 multiplayer beta in the original Crackdown.

“I think Crackdown was a really good example. That game was used to drive a really strong Halo 3 beta, but it was also the other way around, too.”

I suspect this will help Bulletstorm sales obviously, so expect a wider margin on the 360 version of the game at retail. I still have a problem with the aforesaid title’s release date, however, as it sees a release the same day as Killzone 3.

Something’s got to give.


  1. Fri, 7th Jan 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Well they need to get it together. I want to play the beta. I will be pissed if the beta only last a week. I am getting Bulletstorm for xbox because of the beta, and that is the only reason.

  2. Fri, 7th Jan 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Understood, I’ll get it for PS3.

  3. Sat, 8th Jan 2011 at 3:09 am

    why put the keys in bulletstorm?
    simple really, how else is the game suppose to sell millions?
    how many copies do you want to bet will be sold just for the gears 3 beta code?
    developers always do that, only reason i bought the borderlands GOTY edition is so i could get into the DNF first access club!
    speaking of the devil, when are we getting our demo codes?
    i thought randy said they would be out in december?

  4. Sat, 8th Jan 2011 at 6:54 am

    Many a people will buy the game because of the codes indeed. I planned no purchasing anyway.

  5. Sat, 8th Jan 2011 at 9:53 am

    i cant wait for it!
    so nice to have a game that gives us fun for funs sake!
    so many games have lost there fun factor these days.
    oh noooooo you cant do that its far too unrealistic.
    WHO THE &^%$ CARES!!!!!!!
    thats why i enjoyed just cause 2 so much, for once we finally had a game that let you do outrages stuff.
    you want to hook a 4WD to a fighter jet and use it as a wrecking ball?
    go right ahead!
    thats one thing i hated about GTAIV, R* use to make games for the fun of it now there all serious and “realistic”.
    look at GTAIV, in vice city you could ride motorcycles at 200MPH over an jump land and continue on like nothing happened.
    in GTAIV if you crash a car at 1MPH you go flying out of the windscreen like a rag doll!
    wheres the fun in that!?

  6. Sat, 8th Jan 2011 at 10:42 am

    Yeah, it might be the surprise hit of the year. Another great franchise in the making.

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