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GT5 Fever Keeping Racing Genre Alive

by Ernice Gilbert on November 4th, 2010, under Hot, News

Although Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed more times than we can remember, there’s an analyst who believes it’s the game’s popularity that’s keeping the racing genre alive and kicking at the moment. He also said since it was delayed, other racers like the new Need For Speed should do better in the sales department.

That’s according to Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey:

“The delay of Gran Turismo 5 will likely benefit the holiday sales performance of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit… but could challenge the planned release of SHIFT 2,” he said.

“We expect the fiscal Q4’11 planned release of Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 (we’re modeling for nearly $100 million in sales) could miss a gear or two; particularly as the franchise’s planned iteration pacing seemed exceptionally awkward.”

He later said: “[The console racing genre appears dislocated from consumer interest at the moment aside from Gran Turismo fever.”

Agreed. Here’s to hoping the game releases this year. Kaz have promised.


  1. Fri, 5th Nov 2010 at 2:52 am

    i seriously doubt it will be out this month.
    everythings pointing to december, the ps3 face plate EB has listed for december, and sony changed there TOCs for the signiature edition to december 9th, both were originally set for the original date.
    to be fair its only been delayed twice, well technically once because the first date was for jappan only.
    no doubt this will help hot pursuit sell really well, really looking forward to that its looking sweet!
    though shift 2 it wont effect, shift 2 wont be out till later next year.

  2. Fri, 5th Nov 2010 at 7:30 am

    As long as the event happens this year I’m okay. Yes, GT5′s impending release is now an event.

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