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David Cox: PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions Of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Are Identical

by Ernice Gilbert on September 30th, 2010, under Hot, Konami, Mercury Steam, News

Are you planning on buying Konami’s latest Castlevania title? If your answer’s yes, but the reviews you’ve read make it sound as if the Xbox 360 version of the game’s inferior to the PS3′s, don’t worry, because according to David Cox, both games are “identical”.

“The games are identical,” the producer said through a tweet. “The 360 review code had some issues with frame rates but not major and they are not in the final.”

Many reviews of the game has already landed, and to be honest, they’re all over the place. Some gave it 9, but IGN and Gamespot, two of the bigger sites, gave the game 7.5.

Here’s Gamespot’s conclusion:

All of this leaves Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in a position where it takes bits (and sometimes chunks) of ideas from other games to reboot a classic series for a more contemporary audience.Those core ideas are what make those games good, and fortunately they’re also what make Castlevania: Lords of Shadow good. And, to the game’s credit, it takes more than a bit of skill to make all of these ideas gel together in a way that doesn’t produce a disparate train wreck. Still, it’s not without obvious faults.

The combat is great and the boss battles are quite memorable, but it degenerates when those core ideas clash–when Castlevania ignores what it does so well (action) for the sake of creating a more diverse experience. The problem is that diversity ultimately adds nothing notable except for shallow adventure elements and frustration. It’s a good start for a series in need of some new blood–so to speak–it’s just unfortunate so much of it comes from other games and not an original source.

IGN basically said the same thing:

I recommend Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but not to Castlevania fans. Pretty much anything you would expect to find in a Castlevania game is not to be found here. But fans of combat-heavy action adventure games will have fun if they can excuse a lot of mindless button mashing and a couple technical issues.

The developers have successfully adopted ideas from several popular games (God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted, Resident Evil) but that also means this isn’t a very original effort. In the end, I’d rather play a more traditional 2D Castlevania game, but there is no denying that this is a beautiful and enjoyable change of pace.”

Cox, however, wasn’t pleased with those reviews, and in response to IGN’s own, he said:

“Nice to see people seeing that IGN review for what it is… :)

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  1. Fri, 1st Oct 2010 at 4:31 am

    both had serious frame rate issues, whether there in the final code or not is a different story but from what ive seen there far from identical!
    i love it when developers scramble like headless chooks to cover up their mistakes just before release, like that “each version of mafia 2 was made to bring out the best of that system” crap 2K threw!
    the ps3 version of that game is despicable!
    PC version is not much better either, for a game thats in development for 5+ years you would expect the engine to be polished within a inch of its life!
    sadly its not, never in my 20+ years of gaming have i played a game that has such a fluctuating frame rate!
    one minute im driving around the city and its at 60FPS, than the next second im in the same area again just driving around and the frame rate drops to 20.
    during the intense scenes especially when you get to use the MG20, the level from the demo on my 4K gaming rig i could not get above bloody 10FPS.

  2. Fri, 1st Oct 2010 at 6:05 am


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