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Games Thirst Review: Bulletstorm

In a world of far too serious first person shooters, one game dares to be different. One game dares to bombard you with continuous foul language and obscene sexual jokes all while you’re killing people in fun, over the top ways. This game is Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm is a crazy joy ride fueled by testosterone and adrenaline. You play as Grayson Hunt, who is on a quest for blood after General Sarrano betrays him. The story plays out on a planet called Stygia, which has been mutated by extreme amounts of gamma radiation. This mutation has made the planet extremely dangerous, and you must fight your way through the various dangers to fulfill your quest for blood revenge on Sarrano.

What quenched My Thirst


Bulletstorm is built around the idea of fast, relentless, over the top action that rewards you for creativity. This idea is executed perfectly, and creates a really unique experience. You are able to kick, slide kick, and use an energy leash that allows you to grab enemies with a rope like energy leash and pull them to you. It also has a feature call the thumper. The thumper is an upgrade to the energy leash that allows you to send a blast of energy to the end of the leash and slam it into the ground, making the enemies fly into the air. After kicking or leashing someone, they will go in to slow motion type state and allow you to kill them. The game also has a great selection of guns. They range from the simplest of pistols and machine guns to a gun that shoots a giant drill or a gun that shoots giant exploding balls. Each weapon also has an alternate firing ability that allows you to fire a more powerful shot. The only problem I found with the gameplay is that when you got to hurdle over some things, you have to be at the correct spot to jump over.

Visuals and Sound

This game is absolutely beautiful. They really took the Unreal Engine and used it to its fullest. The characters are pretty detailed, and they have some great animations. The scale of the game is huge. I found myself stopping and looking around at the crumbling buildings and huge canyons. It truly is a great looking game with some amazing settings. The game also has some great sound effects as well. The guns sound great, and the explosions are great as well. The voice work is pretty good, but it is a little cheesy. I kind of expected that though, because of what the game is like.  The game also has a great musical score that fits perfect into the game.

Skill Shots

This is a system that the developers put into the game to reward you for being creative in the way you kill people. There is a load of skills shots in the game and it makes the game really fun. There are also skills shots that are for multiplayer only, which allows you to work together to perform the skill shots. As you perform the skills shots you get points and the points allow you to unlock new weapons and upgrades for weapons. It really is a cool system that adds a lot of fun to the game, and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you pull some of the harder shots off.


Now there is no pvp multiplayer, but there is an online coop horde mode called Anarchy that is really great. I have had an amazing time playing with my friends trying to perform all of the coop skill shots, and just having a blast. There is also a mode called Echo that allows you to run through different stages to see if you can get the highest score on the leaderboards.

What Left A Bitter Taste


Now the game does not get that repetitive until near the end, but this causes the game to feel more repetitive when playing through it a second time. I just felt like I had done all of the skill shots by the end of the game, except a few different shots that you couldn’t do until you unlock certain weapons. Now the gameplay may get repetitive, but I do have to comment that they did a great job at creating different enemy types throughout the game that keeps that aspect of the game from getting old, and they also have many varying levels as well, and it is not repetitive in that way, but as far as gameplay, it does get kind of repetitive. Also, this causes the multiplayer to become repetitive because you do the same kills over and over.

Story and Language

Though I was not expecting much of a story, I expected more than what I experienced. It is your average stock story of revenge with no real twist, and of course, there is a cliffhanger ending. I just wish there would have been more to it. Also, the language is pretty bad. It usually does not bother me that much, but this was quite ridiculous. They did add a feature that allows you to turn off the bad language, and that is a nice feature

Water Scale

Bulletstorm offers a fun experience that you do not get in other first person shooters. It has a good length campaign with some great boss battles, and will keep you entertained throughout. It also has descent replay value, even though the fighting may feel a little repetitive the second time through.


Publisher: EA

Developer: People Can Fly, Epic Games

Genre: FPS

Release Date: February 22, 2011

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  • nick

    im really enjoying this so far, though ive stopped playing it till the 3D profile comes out.
    such a fun game though, i thought the kills would get boring and repetitive but somehow they dont.
    needs more weapons and different types, you dont exactly have a library to choose from and 2 of the weapons are explosive launchers.
    you need to be able to carry more weapons too, nothing pisses me off more then when a game forces me to carry only 3 weapons and one is locked so i can only choose 2.
    i HATE the machine gun, it is freaking useless!
    so why do we have to use it?
    why cant i swap it out and have the grenade launcher, sniper and shotgun?
    this games almost got everything, fun wise its the best ive ever played and technological wise, well its no uncharted 2 but it does look dam good!
    just needed a extra 6 months polish, it has allot of bugs, frequent frame rate drops and has some really low textures.
    refreshing to have a game that takes itself so lightly though, the humor is just really refreshing.
    no more of this oh no you cant do that its far too unrealistic BS!
    thank god!
    i just wish we had more developers like epic games, they get how to make a good game!
    developers these days are so hefted up on amazing graphics they forget to make the game FUN!
    cough KZ3……………..

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Great review, Bro. I’m actually going to pick this up now. I’m seriously impressed by your review. It’s convincing.

  • Sole Survivor

    Very convincing review.. I might just buy this game.

  • nick

    in that case make sure you turn the speakers off.
    i think this is going to give mafia 2 a run for its money!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m buying it because there’s the ability to turn off the language. I wouldn’t there wasn’t the ability.