Friday, August 29, 2014

Xbox Live And PSN Members Being Harassed By Anonymous Racists

With every new innovation and the good it brings, there’s a downside that surfaces almost instantly to negate the positive. Xbox Live and PSN are truly great innovations that have open new ways of play and fresh venues for companies to make money.

There’s nothing as cool as playing with “friends” spread around the world from the comfort of your living room, but in the same line there’s nothing easier than hiding behind the veil of an avatar and spewing racial slurs after people you don’t know.

In many forums around the web you’ll hear PS3 and Xbox 360 owners complain about the issue of racists slinging racial slurs at them, but in the latest issue of OXM, one of the mag’s readers had enough:

“What gives?” Over the last few weeks several of my friends and I have run into an increasing amount of racist banter while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online,” the subscriber wrote.

“After spending 20yrs in the military serving the [USA], I’m compelled to ask: why are there so many idiots here?”

The mag responded saying it’s the “sad” and “anonymous” nature of the internet and should be reported every time the situation occurs.

“You’re not alone. Sadly, the anonymous nature of the internet and online gaming can bring out the worst in morons everywhere. We’ve heard (and printed) similar complaints in the past, and our advice remains the same: Make sure your report these dopes on Xbox Live via the feedback system and/or mute them while in a match.

“And when you do find decent folks to play Modern Warfare 2 with, add them to your friends list so you’ll have a good group of buddies to rely on rather than braving multiplayer with strangers. That advice applies to many games, really.”

It’s a sad thing indeed, but I believe the advice given by the mag is excellent. Be careful who you banter with online folks.

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