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Sony, PSN Needs To Come Back Hard, Better Than Ever

by Ernice Gilbert on April 27th, 2011, under Article, Hot, PSN, Sony

It’s happened, damn it. PSN’s been hacked, and the gaming world is in a meltdown. Things will never be the same – trust has been totally lost and lawsuits are already flinging from all corners. PSN. It houses all our sensitive information, but no longer is the network the only home to that information. It’s now in the hands of one or more persons getting ready to go on a nasty fraud rampage that might result in the destruction of livelihoods all over the world. Yes. Over 75 million were affected, and tonight, even as I prepare this article, someone could be losing thousands of dollars through some scam thanks to Sony and the hackers who breached their network.

PSN isn’t doom. But in order for Sony to even begin regaining the trust it lost in less than 24hrs, when PSN comes back up, it must be like nothing we’ve ever seen or experienced in the past. Do that, Sony, and you stand a chance of coming back harder, stronger and more solid than ever. Don’t, and you’ll fail.