Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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Rayman Creator: Microsoft Moved Too Fast With Xbox One DRM


The Xbox One DRM scandal that’s plagued Microsoft for months was caused because of the firm’s hazy messaging, and because the gamer wasn’t offered a choice, but rather was being force fed something they were unsure about, which caused the massive push back leading to Microsoft’s reversal of its policies. In fact, truth be told, the no used games and ... Read More »

Microsoft to permanently keep the new DRM policy?


When the internet was done celebrating the “Microsoft policy reversal“, they quickly began to speculate… again. One of these speculations happened to be whether Microsoft would reintroduce the old DRM policy in the future. TDS contacted a Microsoft spokesperson about the issue and asked them if the change was permanent, or just a temporary change. Does Microsoft plan to change or ... Read More »

Xbox One… step backwards?


Just 5 days ago, the world met Xbox One, Microsoft’s next console. What the world also came to know was disappointment, rage and confusion, which stemmed from Microsoft’s inability to communicate with the target audience — whichever that was. What went wrong? In this article, I’ll try to give my thoughts on why the Xbox One reveal was so lifeless ... Read More »

Media Reacts To Xbox One Reveal


So the Xbox One has been unveiled and the mainstream media has responded. What did the various outlets have to say about Microsoft’s new console? Let’s just say they saw things differently than we did. Read More »