Sunday, August 11, 2013

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New hints about Metal Gear Solid V from Kojima


On Hideo Kojima’s official twitter account, a handful of details were decrypted, giving a better insight into what the enemy’s tone will be like. Metal Gear Online is also making a return. The details are courtesy of Just Push Start. Check out what Kojima had to say about Metal Gear Solid V below: -In my next game, things will be ... Read More »

Thirsty Conversations: What Do You See?


Below the break is The Phantom Pain’s reveal trailer. Many, including us, believe it’s Metal Gear Solid V, and there are many clues in the trailer that lead us to believe it is indeed so. But investigate it for yourself and tell us what you see. Read More »

Hideo Kojima Working On “Devil” Project

Oh boy, the legend just won’t stop teasing us. First, it was that “taboo” project that kept him up at nights, but now, according to some tweets he’s been flinging all over the internet, Hideo Kojima’s being occupied by this “devil” project. Read More »

Kojima: Western Game Studios Are “Motivated”, Japan Is “Losing

I’ve never truly understood why Japanese game developers want so bad to make their games more like that of the western devs. Square-Enix is one great example of this, with the publisher’s boss, Yoichi Wada claiming that “What’s In America Should Be Handled By Americans“. He’s basically saying that game that Americans play should be handled by American devs, and ... Read More »

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