Saturday, August 30, 2014
Xbox One Family Sharing: Here’s How It Works

Xbox One Family Sharing: Here’s How It Works

After abandoning its DRM plans for Xbox One, Microsoft also killed one of the console’s most promising features: family game sharing. It was a plan that would allow you to share digitally up to ten games with your friends, but since that’s now out the window, Microsoft has introduced something else.

So anyone will be able to access your digital library pending they live in your house, as the purchase will be tied to the console, and not the original purchaser alone. It’s not just limited to games, however: “If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, an unlimited number of people can enjoy many benefits of Xbox Live Gold while they are using your Home Xbox One console. Friends and family will simply create their own account and gamertag and be able to enjoy Xbox Live online multiplayer gaming and access to entertainment apps,” Xbox One chief product officer Marc Whitten explained on the Xbox Blog.

The features include: multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, SmartMatch, and various apps such as The NFL on Xbox, Skype, Internet Explorer.

Witten added: “Even if you sign off, your friends and family can enjoy multiplayer gaming while they are playing on your Home Xbox One console.”

Go over to a friends house, log into your account and resume your game time, which, considering everything, works just as is now, only difference being your household members have same access as your Xbox One Gold perks.

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