Friday, August 29, 2014

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Microsoft Abandons All Its Xbox DRM One Policies


Microsoft, after a backlash the likes of which the games industry hasn’t seen, has abandoned its Xbox One used games policy for something much more consumer friendly. The console’s used games policy now works like that of PS3 and Xbox 360, no internet connection will be required to play games, and the console won’t even be region locked.  A complete ... Read More »

Are the demographics of gaming changing?


Computer games have long been associated with teenaged boys, locked for hours in their rooms playing shoot-em-ups and arcade-style battles. Things have been changing more recently though, with ever-more sophisticated puzzling strategy games, PC brain-training tools and more attracting a wider audience of gamers. Read More »

PS3 Could Still “Win”

I’m sure you’re familiar with this article. And you must be saying, ‘this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about’, right? Well, I still stand by my estimates, especially if Microsoft and Nintendo decide to launch their next systems in 2012. However, even if they did, there is still a way for Sony to win in terms of console install ... Read More »