Friday, August 29, 2014

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Microsoft Responds To PS4 Being 50 Percent More Powerful Than Xbox One


Today’s Edge-Online article that PS4 is about 50 percent more powerful than Xbox One has caused quite the stir, with the news being picked up by virtually every gaming site, dealing another dangerous blow to Xbox One. And in a response to Kotaku, Microsoft, it seems, has given up the fight to prove that Xbox One isn’t lagging behind, instead ... Read More »

Sony Able To Sell Every PS4 It Makes, Yields Are Phenomenal


Sony’s been riding a wave of success like we haven’t seen since the PS2 days — and this one seems to be even greater, with “millions” of preorders for the console, and demand that’s hard to keep up with, yet Sony Computer Entertainment CEO and President Jack Tretton, has told Fox News that they’re holding back some stock for launch, ... Read More »

PS4 50 Percent More Powerful Than Xbox One – Report


Xbox One’s specs are out in the open. Well, not quite. According to Eurogamer’s tech analysis arm Digital Foundry, Microsoft wasn’t completely forthcoming with the console’s specs at the reveal event, however slip ups by certain members of its hardware branch, and language used during the machine’s unveiling by some executives revealed enough to compare Xbox One and PS4 side-by-side. ... Read More »