Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ZeniMax Media

Here’s Why John Carmack Left id Software


If you’re a FPS fan today, you should be saying a big thank to John Carmack, the creator of DOOM, founder of id Software and the one who invented  the FPS genre. He recently left his company, founded in 1991 to become the chief technological officer at Oculus Rift, but why? Well according to Carmack, ZenixMax, the parent company of ... Read More »

Doom 4 Coming To Next Gen, Rage 2 Canned

Doom 4

Kotaku revealed today that Doom 4, after being in limbo for over 5 years, had been moved to next-gen with no release date in sight. The site also caught wind of Rage 2′s cancellation and just moments after, Bethesda confirmed to Eurogamer that indeed, the rumors were true. Read More »

Rumor Water: Prey 2 Development Stalled Because Of Contract Issues


When Prey 2 was announced there was no inclination that we would not see its release this past March as promised, but when things suddenly went dark, and later a rumor of its cancellation came to light, we knew something was wrong. And although Bethesda announced yesterday that the game would still be developed, some dirty hand-wringing happened behind the ... Read More »