Friday, July 18, 2014
PS4 Game Preloading Starts With Destiny

PS4 Game Preloading Starts With Destiny

One of the PS4′s lauded features when the console was announced is the ability to preload preordered games onto the console a few days before release, and said feature will debut with Bungie’s Destiny, Sony has revealed.

Bungie’s persistent-world FPS is due on 9th September, but PSN pre-orders for it on PS4 have already begun. Those who reserve it ahead of time will be able to download the content a few days prior to release, so the second the clock strikes midnight on 9th September you can hop in and play.

You can even set your PS4 to automatically download the pre-ordered title as the release date encroaches. Simply go to the Settings menu, select System, then make sure Automatic Downloads and Uploads is enabled. This feature requires the system software 1.70 update.

Another good reason to pre-order Destiny is to gain early beta access, due this July on PS4 and PS3. To sign up for this players must register at and link their account to their PSN ID.

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