Monday, July 7, 2014
Thirst Conversations: Titanfall Is Now Out On Xbox One, Will It Sell Consoles?

Thirst Conversations: Titanfall Is Now Out On Xbox One, Will It Sell Consoles?

The most hyped game of the generation is Titanfall. It’s created such a buzz that you can almost feel the energy behind the shooter which, if you didn’t know, is not available on PlayStation consoles. The reviews are also in, and according to the critics, Titanfall is a must-have title that’s not quite revolutionary, but is headed in the right direction to be the first “true” next-gen franchise that’s added new things to the FPS genre.

But the real question here is, will Respawn  Entertainment’s game be the system-seller Microsoft so desperately needs it to be? Will gamers go out and buy a console for $500 plus other accessories to play one game, especially when said game is also available on Xbox 360 and PC?

In essence, can Titanfall save the Xbox One? Give me answers, folks. I’m curious to know what you think!

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  • benzo

    I think it will sell consoles. Now this is not a knock on xbox gamers, but they tend to flock towards FPS. That is where MS gets their bread and butter. Couple that with the fact that ReSpawn is made of ex-Infinity Ward bosses that equals gold. I am happy to see some new games coming out and hope that the momentum keeps going for both PS4 and XboxOne. I cant wait to sink my teeth into Infamous in a few weeks, and with firm dates for Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, this generation is heating up. Lets just hope that the fanboyism tapers off due to finally having games to play instead of fussing about resolution.

  • afrpain

    it will push some units…

  • ernicegilbert

    I agree with you, Afro! The real question is how much…

  • ernicegilbert

    Good points Benzo, but the fanboyism ain’t going nowhere man. You know this industry.

  • afrpain

    it wont make them so many consoles…. it will give them respectable figures. coz the figures are starting to look like a joke…

  • afrpain

    been on some other gaming sites and its a mixed feeling… people are saying they are happy with graphics others are saying it is graphically weak for a next gen game… the pc version has similar graphic issues…. i guess i will have to wait to try it out or until the dust settles.. others are saying xbone is holding back the game…..

    A comment from a pc gamer:

    “Bought Titanfall and have been unbelievably underwhelmed with it. Didn’t play Beta, but bought it on the recommendation of friends that bought into the hype.
    I can honestly say I don’t see much in the way of shelf life for this game, outside of mega casual young uns – especially on PC.
    It looks about as good as hammered dogsh*t from 2003, has a ridiculous auto aim pistol that guarantees instant headshot kills, 60FPS cap, shitty console-esque matchmaking, awful gameart, worse voice acting than any early 90′s CAPCOM game; ala Resident Evil 1, gameplay gets dull very quickly and most of the maps are incredibly boring and samey and ultimately inconsiquential. The AI is f***ing ridiculous. Lo-res graphics, It’s 6v6 (zzzzzzzzz) and you could spend most of the time killing bots that really have little do with the actual outcome of the game. Titans are incredibly dull and uninspiring. Perks are embarrassingly bad, as is the whole “kick” instant kill function and laughable 1990s style animation of said function (duke nukem/powerslave/exhumed style – I forget which).
    Maps are generally too big for 6v6 (ala Ghosts) and time is often spent looking for something worthwhile to shoot. It really does look like the game was originally designed for XBOX/X360. Textures are laughable for 2014 and next gen consoles. It’s a 50GB download, 35GB of which is audio files; How,….HOW?
    The sh*tty HUD animation of the guys talking to you (on upper right of screen) truly is of early 2000′s quality, as is their f***ing awful voice acting – not to mention the f***ing useless “information” they pump out to you constantly in-game.
    The multiplayer “campaign” is just straight up horribad; an absolute embarrassing joke that never should have existed. After the great single player character and voice acting of COD4 (by the same guys), it makes you wonder just what the f**k they were thinking and how they could possibly be happy with the results.
    Gameplay lacks any true depth and got boring as fuck after 10+ hours of game play. I couldn’t wait to put this turd of a game down and promptly requested a refund from EA.
    I could go on and on and on about how this game is so transparently bad, but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day.
    Those who like it, knock yourselves out, but I have to doubt you’ll still be playing it regularly in a couple of months time.
    80+ dollars for a complete game like this is beyond an insult. It’s COD4 vertically and not as good.
    Is this the title that will save xboxone? Perhaps, but then look at the demographics you are dealing with too. “

  • ernicegilbert

    Indeed. MS has to do something drastic about the dismal numbers… The only thing I think can work right now is a price cut.

  • ernicegilbert

    Wow! IT’s definitely not a title for everyone, man. I haven’t played it, don’t have an Xbone… I’ll probably try it out on PC to see what the fuss is about…. But to me at least, it genuinely looks good.

  • David Escalante

    Incredible they haven’t fixed yet that horrible HUD animation.

    Shame on you Respawn Entertainment, people paid MONEY for that and they still deliver a beta product as a final one.