Monday, July 7, 2014
Official Titanfall Season Pass Details Unleashed

Official Titanfall Season Pass Details Unleashed

EA and Respawn Entertainment have made known that Titanfall will be getting a season pass offering three planned content packs for $24.99 USD.

According to the studio, the pass extends to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game and will save you about $5 by purchasing all of the content up front. That would put each individual pack at about $10 each, if you purchase them separately.

Origin users can pick up the Titanfall Digital Deluxe package that will include both the game and the Season Pass for $79.99, now available on Origin.

Check out the FAQ below:


Where can I buy the Season Pass for Xbox One, PC or Xbox 360?

You can purchase the Titanfall Season Pass at participating retailers beginning on March 11th for Xbox One and March 25th for Xbox 360. You can purchase the Season Pass for PC via Origin starting today! Full details for the PC season Pass can be found here.

Is the Titanfall Digital Deluxe available on Xbox Games Store?

The Titanfall Digital Deluxe offer is only available for PC and can be purchased on Origin here.

What content is included within the Season Pass.

Each content pack will contain new Maps. All other content is still to be determined and will be announced as we get closer to their release.

Where can I buy the Titanfall Digital Deluxe?

You can purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of Titanfall here.

Will the Titanfall content packs be available individually?

Each Titanfall content pack will be available for individual purchase upon their release. You will not be required to purchase the Season Pass.

Will my Season Pass provide content for both Xbox One and Xbox 360?

The Titanfall Season Pass will only provide you access for content for the platform your purchase it for. If you purchase the Season Pass for Xbox One, it will allow you access to the 3 individual content packs for Xbox One only.

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