Saturday, August 30, 2014
Rumor Water: The Last of Us 2 Under Development

Rumor Water: The Last of Us 2 Under Development

Is Naughty Dog already hustling away on The Last of Us 2?

That’s what a new rumor from Omelete suggests, citing its sources who say the game will be released in 2015. But is that even possible? Let’s examine.

Firstly, The Last of Us 2 is coming, let’s just make that clear right out the gate. But will it come in 2015? No. Naughty Dog’s development cycle is usually three years, and with The Last of Us DLC still in works and set to release next month, and with Uncharted 4 under development, it leaves little room for Naughty Dog developers to be so far into development of The Last of Us 2 to have a sequel ready for next year.

But you never know. Maybe Sony urged the developer to work harder at releasing their games in a more timely fashion, but I doubt it. Naughty Dog’s Sony’s most prized studio, and I suspect they have a lot of leeway.

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