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Forza 5 Is Plagued With Microtransactions, Turn-Ten Says It Can Tweak On The Fly

Forza 5 Is Plagued With Microtransactions, Turn-Ten Says It Can Tweak On The Fly

Turn Ten’s Xbox One title Forza 5 reviewed well by most critics — except Eurogamer. The site pointed out that the series’ economy had been changed drastically by the implementation of microtransactions, which forces players to pay sometimes $100, yes, $100 for an in-game item, said item being mostly cars that were, in past Forza games, attainable through skill.

The storm has been brewing ever since, with gamers calling the game the worst in series history, while accusing Turn Ten of nickel and dimming its fans — even after they’ve paid upwards $60 for the game.

So what’s Turn Ten’s response? Well according to creative director Dan Greenawalt, speaking to Shack News in a recent interview, things are not yet set in stone, and while microtransactions in the game is here to stay, it will be altered to better suit the community.

After pointing out that it would take too long to actually earn top cars in Forza 5 only through skill in the way the system is currently setup, Shack News asked Greenawalt: what is the expectation for someone who wants to “play” their way to the top?

“The expectation is that different cars are more expensive and that makes them more rare,” Greenawalt answered.

“Because of the classification system, there is no ‘top’ to the production classes. Currently, we have some players earning lots of credits and some players earning not nearly as much. This is a skill and strategy-based economy with rarity provided by in-game price, not locking mechanisms.

“Players can receive +65 per cent payout for playing against the hardest skill level Drivatars, up to +50 per cent bonus credit payouts for turning off the assists, and up to +35 per cent payouts for sticking with a favourite manufacturer. That’s +150 per cent bonus based on skill and strategy.

“When you couple that with Drivatar rewards, UGC payouts, and Forza Rewards (our franchise-based loyalty rewards) there are plenty of ways to earn credits in Forza 5.

“However, the fact remains: racing, skill, and strategy are the engine of the economy. Of course, we continue to monitor the economy via customer feedback as well as in-game telemetry and we have the ability to make adjustments should it be warranted.”

Still, forcing gamers to buy cars for $100 for a game they’ve already paid $60 for is madness. Utter madness and a shame.

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