Friday, October 10, 2014
Microsoft embargo prohibits reviewers from discussing Xbox One version of Ghosts

Microsoft embargo prohibits reviewers from discussing Xbox One version of Ghosts

Avoiding the PS4 1080p vs XB1 720p comparison?

Since the Xbox One’s reveal, many people have expressed their disappointment in the eSRAM the system packs in, and many rumors have surfaced regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts’ performance on both next-gen consoles. While every source says the PS4 can run it at 1080p-60FPS resolution, no source confirmed the same for the Xbox One, while multiple sources say it runs at 720p-60FPS.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed by multiple journalists in the industry that Microsoft has placed a review embargo of Ghosts that runs until November 12, on top of Activision’s review embargo of the game itself that ends on November 5th (release day).

Former IGN journalist and current editor at Furious Fanboys, Jeremy Conrad, tweeted something that should be worrying at least:



NeoGAF user “CBOAT”, an industry insider that speaks mostly truths in cryptic messages, said that the test kits had reliability issues when trying to run 1080p software, and FamousMortimer (real name Peter Dodd, of the #NoDRM movement) revealed that a source told him Ghosts was downgraded to 720p, just after the rumor mill had stuff going on about Titanfall’s downgrade to 720p as well. Then, we have director of product planning, Albert Penello, taking it to NeoGAF and Twitter to do damage control, but as multiple websites and users discovered through technological knowledge, he simply didn’t know what he was talking about most of the time. That said, Erik Kain from Forbes also tweeted on the matter:



Not enough? IGN has tons of PS4 footage of Call of Duty: Ghosts, but not a single piece of video showing Xbox One footage — as is the case with tons of third-party games. And even then, during some conferences, Microsoft infamously used Xbox One-like (in hardware) Windows 7-powered PC’s to run the games.

To recap: we have an embargo upon an embargo, we have tons of people confirming bad news and no one saying otherwise, Microsoft’s silent and when they speak you wish they didn’t, and industry people claim it just isn’t ready for a 2013 launch.

Our take:  Is this true? The rumors and facts seem to point at it. Xbox One might not be ready to launch, as indicated by other reports, and in the long run, it will hurt the console. When PS4 can run better from the get-go, one can only imagine what will happen when both get fleshed out in a year or so. Microsoft’s cryptic, or in Penello’s cases disastrous, stance doesn’t help things.

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  • Wolf1888

    I really can’t wait for the official reviews of both consoles, when people will try them out and say what they think, not based on rumors, but on what they have right in front of them.
    Because all that is really interesting, but there is always that little doubt in the back on my mind that is not quite sure we can assume the XBone is crap and the PS4 is beast.

    Time will tell!

  • Crash Ōkami

    I’m hoping we get our console reviews up to help people as much as we can once they’re out. While I’ll get both in early December, I know they won’t get turned off for straight days so I can push everything to the limit and explore every corner. Most likely Ernice will handle the PS4 review and I’ll handle XB1!

  • Wolf1888

    Great to hear, and looking forward to it!