Saturday, August 30, 2014
Microsoft defends Xbox One price point, says it’s worth it for the extra features

Microsoft defends Xbox One price point, says it’s worth it for the extra features

Kinect and TV features mentioned as reasons.

A Microsoft investor asked Microsoft chief financial officer Amy Hood about the price of the Xbox One during a conference call after the quarterly financial report. With competitor PlayStation 4 launching at $100 lower ($500 for Xbox One, $400 for PS4), Hood defended the price point because of the extra features.

“With Xbox One, we [made] a decision to really enable a first-class experience out of the box. There’s Kinect, there’s a headset, and there’s the console [all included] — and depending on where you are around the globe, there may be a game as part of the bundle.”

The bundle she mentions are actually two bundles: FIFA 14 and Forza Motorsport 5, but unless you’re in the UK, you’re not getting either. You’re also entitled to a Kinect, something most people simply don’t want and are bitter they have to pay extra for.

“I’m excited about the increased opportunity Xbox One enables us to attach more and different services beyond what we’ve thought of as a simple gaming platform.”

With the implementation of Skype, cable boxes and tons of other TV features, people are getting to pay for stuff they might not ever use, or might not ever get depending on their country.

“Winning the platform at holiday, and our positioning to do that, allows us to grow profitability in a far great way over the course of the life cycle. We feel great about our ability to continue our leadership position in the living room.”

How do you feel about it?

Our take: As someone who lives in Greece, and if I’m to judge from the Xbox 360 support for the country, I can safely say I’m very much against what Hood said. No matter how much you sugar coat it, we won’t get 1/3 of the apps and features people in the US or UK will get, and that also stands for Gold features. Why I have to pay the same price as these people, who at least get the chance to use the features, is beyond me. Microsoft believes you need this stuff, even if you don’t or even if it’s impossible to get your hands on them.

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