Friday, August 29, 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts clan registrations open, trailer inside

Call of Duty: Ghosts clan registrations open, trailer inside

Integral part of the experience.

Infinity Ward revealed new information on the Clan system of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The upcoming Call of Duty game will have the Call of Duty Clan Wars game experience in cross-platform, which basically means clans are shared between every platform the game is on.

Clan levelling also nets its members exclusive unlocks and XP bonuses.

Clan registering is open now, and existing Call of Duty elite Clan Leaders can reserve their current clan name, but they got to be swift, as it’s first-come, first-serve. They can also copy and transfer over their member roster, and manage it furthermore.

Finally, new players or existing players without a Call of Duty Elite account can sign up for a free Call of Duty account to create their own Call of Duty: Ghosts clan, or join an existing one.

Click here for more information on registering clans.

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