Sunday, September 14, 2014
Warframe developer calls PS4′s GPU “a beast”

Warframe developer calls PS4′s GPU “a beast”

Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair has confirmed the free-to-play, Unreal-powered game will allow for cross-play between debut platform PC and the Playstation 4. Speaking to Gamingbolt, Sinclair stated that:

“Our Goal is cross-platform play. Our goal is updating the PS4 version in sync with the PC version with all the same content, features and events.”

Planetside 2, another free-to-play game transferring to the Playstation 4 too, will allow for character transfers between the two platforms, but no cross-play. Sinclair also said that the Playstation 4 version will by no means be an inferior version.

“The GPU is a beast, and the game looks stellar running on the PS4! The unified memory is part of what makes this console so great to develop on. You can use threads to generate textures and graphics assets. You can use the GPU to process Physics and effects data.”

Warframe will be available for the PS4 at release and Sinclair also confirms that new factions, new mission types and new events will be rolled out to coincide with the PS4 release. PC players will also get the content on launch. Sinclair was also asked how he felt about similarities to Xbox One exclusive Titanfall. He accepted the game is competition, but pointed out that Warframe’s focus on PvE and Co-op makes the two games distinctly different.

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  • Dakan45

    Yes a midrange 7850 playing a game with requirments from 2006 does make it a beast.