Saturday, August 23, 2014
Rumor: Sony To Bundle PS Vita With PS4 For $499

Rumor: Sony To Bundle PS Vita With PS4 For $499

For the price of Xbox One, you can get a PS4/PS Vita combo, nothing beats that.

According to “well-placed sources” close to Inside Gaming Daily, a bundle containing the two consoles will release at “the end of the year” for “around $500″ (~ £325).

Although Sony hasn’t announced any such bundle, the electronics giant has been advertising the advantages of having PS Vita to accompany your PS4, as the former console will be capable of remote-playing any PS4 title, according to Sony. That means if you’re playing a game on your TV and someone else wants to use it, you can simply continue playing from your PS Vita, right where you left off.

Furthermore, there are some great games coming to Vita this year, including the highly-anticipated Killzone: Mercenary.

Hopefully Sony will announce the bundle at GamesCom. That’d be the best place to unveil such a game-changing announcement.

Thanks, Videogamer.

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  • Gamerrr

    I was hoping they would bundle the Vita with the PS4. Sony’s press conference is one day before Gamescom starts. That’ll be on the 20th this month.

  • Wolf1888

    That’d be a bundle that would make a lot of sense, as both consoles are supposed to work perfectly together.