Saturday, August 30, 2014
First Screenshot Of Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game

First Screenshot Of Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game

Former Gears of War designer who retired the industry a while back, apparently kind leave the thing he so loves alone: games. Behold, the first screenshot of Cliff Bleszinski’s new title.



Any thoughts?

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  • rpatricky

    It will suck and cliffy will cry about it not getting enough marketing and that it is misunderstood. He will then throw himself from a cliff while choking himself, and the world shall rejoice….because frankly, I think he has become a douchebag.

  • VA1N

    Don’t forget he’ll be screaming, “Used games are ruining the industry!” as he goes down.

  • VA1N

    Isn’t this concept art? Not a screenshot?