Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Microsoft returns to GamesCom this year

Microsoft returns to GamesCom this year

Microsoft has confirmed that an Xbox One Gamescom Showcase event will take place on August 20th. Corporate vice presidents Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison will be the hosts, and will provide media “the opportunity to get hands-on with a range of Xbox One titles, speak with developers and be the first to hear our Gamescom news.”

The company skipped 2012′s GamesCom event, but seeing how they need to promote their console as much as they can, it was inevitable they would return. Plus, it was promised that new information on Xbox One self-publishing would be revealed then.

Gamescom will run from August 21-25 in Cologne, Germany and will include conferences from the big three; Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Games Thirst will cover the event in full, much like we did with it last year, and with this year’s E3.

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  • Gamerrr

    I’m not going this year because it will be waaaaay to crowded. But i’m really excited to see the live streams.

  • Glasscut

    No need for anyone to go to Gamescom.. I wish more people will read The Sony PS4 press release it’s a definite show stopper.. Sony has 505 studio’s signed up to deliver games for the PS4.. Thats really jaw dropping, taking that its a press release i’d say its factual..

    Furthermore since more dev’s will be making games for the PS4.. I can see Sony circulating more than 2000 games worldwide.. The PS2 Circulated over 1,600 games worldwide..